Friday, June 23, 2006

i'm such a knit-tease

no, i haven't worked on the aran. or the dale ski sweater. or the sock. or the Starsky. or any spinning. The sudden onset of summer has made the thought of wool in my lap utterly disgusting.

Right now i'm on a sewing jag. While on the west coast for vacation, EVERY SINGLE clothing shop had really adorable summery sun dresses in the window. I really wanted to shop and try them on, but i resisted. In seattle i had a few discussions with a friend about sewing our own clothes and making skirts for the summer.

I decided that once i got finished with schoolwork and summer started i would initiate "Operation Sundress".

Step 1: finish re-arranging and cleaning craft room so that sewing machine is free and has a place to live. check.

Step 2: pick out cute sewing pattern. check. i've got some nice fabric for this already. but i reserve the right to change my mind and get new fabric.

Step 3: realize that i have 2 incomplete quilts already started. One is a baby quilt and all the squares are done, it just needs to be assembled and finished. Oh, i have a friend who is due in a few months, i should really finish this for her before starting a new dress....

Step 4: oh, hey look, i have a nice shirt pattern and fabric that i purchased several years ago. Its an easy pattern. I think i'll make that to "refresh my sewing skills". Its been nearly 10 years since i've sewn anything but quilt squares or knitting needle cases.

Right. so Operation Sundress has turned into Operation Unending Sewing Projects and Operation I'm Not Interested in Knitting Right Now and Operation Crafting with ADD!


At 6/26/2006 9:35 PM, Anonymous sarah said...

no kidding!!!
We need a 12-step program for insomniac ADD crafters...

At 6/27/2006 4:05 PM, Anonymous melissa said...

great pattern. i had this vintage dress that i wore for years till it started coming apart at the seems... mom replicated the pattern and i now have an amazing version in purple! Tip: She lined the top and skirt... genius.


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