Tuesday, May 16, 2006

NH S&W purchases

Like many others this weekend, i actually paid to LEAVE stuff at the fairgrounds. I brought up two garbage bags of raw fleece that someone gave me last spring. Of course i thought i would have time to wash and process it myself... shyeah right. So i brought it up and left it with the Zeilinger's truck. My cra(p)ft room is very happy to have that mess gone. I should get it mailed back to me sometime in july.

I was 'on the lookout' for a nice used spinning wheel while there as well. Or something that i just had to have. And i found it... a Merlin Tree Hyacinthe Wheel! I am so very, very excited. Its the last one he has available. I'd been eyeing them on the website for months and was pretty disappointed when the site said they were sold out. He had one with him that was being picked up that day and i got to give it a test spin. *droooool* I swam around the fairgrounds for a few hours thinking about it. Then went back and put a down payment on it. Sometime later this summer it will be done. oh boy oh boy oh boy.


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