Monday, May 01, 2006

citizen of the procrasti-nation

Now, what did i do wrong on the neckline of St Moritz? Well, in classic dharia tradition, i forged ahead without thinking or paying attention. I want to make the crew neck version, not the zipper neck (because i know i would never actually sew in the zipper). As you can see, mine is NOT a crew neck! As i was knitting from the photocopied pattern for the zipper neck i knew something wasn't right with the shape of the neckline, but couldn't quite put my finger on it. So i tinked around with the slope and depth of it while continuing, making it more shallow than the pattern calls for. Its hard to visualize what the final neckline will look like while you're making it with a steek. After cutting, i realized what the problem was. d'oh! So now i have something halfway between a crew neck and zipper neck.

After much bitching, moaning, cussing, contemplating, and conferring with other knitters... i've decided to make a cowl neck for it. I've never really made a shawl collar, so i need to go to the bat library and research that for a bit. (i think i said 'cowl neck' to some friends this weekend cause i was tired. they gave me a very strange look.)

Did i get started on it? of course not. But i did finish the knitting for the Big Orange Sweater!!! woohooo. the boy might get this sweater by the end of may after all. one year after purchasing the fleece. The woman challenged me to spin, design, and knit the whole thing in one year. While i am not the most competitive spirit in the world, i do enjoy a good challenge. Who cares if he can't wear it til next fall? it is GOING to be done before Cummington this may, (*#&$(*&%#@.

B. Orange pieces need major blocking. Neck of St Moritz needs knitting. What did i do this weekend? I made a mindless-knitting hat from handspun leftovers. Because i was jealous of the cute little hats that i've seen Woolarina Kate knitting and wanted one for myself.


At 5/06/2006 10:06 AM, Blogger kate said...

addictively quick and soft, aren't they? i've knit three in the past month or so.


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