Thursday, July 06, 2006

now that's weird!

did everyone get the new Webs (Valley Yarn) catalog in the mail? i'm very impressed with the array of their own yarns they've developed over the past few years. There are a couple new yarns i will keep in the back of my mind when i need something very affordable with good colors.

here's the interesting bit. They are featuring Monterey, a yarn they've produced for many years now. i flip past page 23, then pause, go back. I think i knit that sweater. no, not "i've knit a sweater like that" or "i've made that pattern before". No, i'm pretty sure the photograph is of a sweater that i knit for their store about 4 years ago. They used to trade store credit for fast knitters who would knit floor model sweaters. I did that a few times. I didn't take a picture of that finished item because i was in a rush to get it to the store by the deadline. I had completely forgotten about that sweater! i didn't really design it or anything, but i still feel kinda cool. It would be funny if it really is "my sweater" in the picture. hehe.


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