Wednesday, March 01, 2006

move along, nothing to see here

Obviously, i didn't finish my St. Moritz during the knitting olympics. I'm not terribly devastated by it. I took on a huge challenge; something that i've wanted to knit for a long time and never had the balls to try. I learned that i COULD do it and i WILL finish it. Fellow Moritzian Roberta will keep me honest. Cognrats to everyone who finished. And also congrats to everyone who tried something beyond their normal comfort level, even if you didn't finish!

I had a great time on sunday afternoon at the Team Boston closing ceremonies party. Big thanks to Cara for organizing such a fun event! It was so nice to chat to a whole new group of boston area knitters. And there were at least 3 other Science Knit members there too. (not a big surprise that boston has a disproportionate number of the world's knitting scientists. hehehe.)

I have been debating whether to take a short break from St. Moritz or not. I decided not to, because i know my own M.O. If i take a break, it will become a stash-monster and not get finished for years. So i decided to make myself keep knitting just this until its done.

mmmm yeah.... That lasted exactly 1 day. Woolarina Kate invited me to knit with some of her friends in somerville on monday night. I knew i was less than an inch from starting the body pattern, so i was extra careful to pack one skein of every pattern color, the pattern, stitch markers, tape measure, etc. Once there, i settled into my stockinette rhythm.... and ran out of background color! I brought a skein of the other 4 colors, and not the background. grrrrrrrr. Since i had a skein of my handspun with me, i cast on for a simple, mindless scarf. so much for not working on anything else til this is done.

No worries, I finished the little scarf last night and am back to St. Moritz today. Re-enthused, with all the colors that i will need to start the colorwork.


At 3/01/2006 4:43 PM, Anonymous Roberta said...

You're right, I'll be watching and cheering you on to the end of St. Moritz. It could so easily become a very large UFO.

However, now that the Olympics are over, I did cast on a pair of socks so that I have a "mobile" project. But I will continue with St. Moritz whenever I am in my chair.

At 3/05/2006 12:50 PM, Blogger Mothlady said...

Well, I didn't finish my Lillehammer either. I wonder how long it will take me, 16 weeks? 16 months?? Must. Stay. Focused. =)


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