Wednesday, February 15, 2006



for some dumb reason, i thought NETA spa was next weekend instead of THIS weekend!! And i already made plans for right in the middle of saturday afternoon that i can't change. crud, crud, crud. I was really looking forward to hanging out, spinning, socializing, and shopping.
I wanted to be a part of it, especially since i won the beautiful afghan in the raffle last year. (I wanted to donate some yarn to this year's raffle but the time just snuck up on me! now i don't know how to get it there in time or who to contact about it.) i'm balancing a little bit too much on my plate right now and there's just no way that i can swing it.

I might have to huff and pout (and not read a few key blogs) for a little bit. just like i did when i didn't make it to rhinebeck in the fall. *harumph*

[if you live in new england and were contemplating whether or not to go... DO IT. its really worth the trip. i had a great time last year, for the few hours i was able to go.]


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