Monday, January 30, 2006

the adventures of jacques coust-sew

My St. Moritz yarn and pattern arrived swiftly from Yarn Barn. a.k.a: "my expensive nervous breakdown in a box". hehehehe. i kid. really, i'm still looking forward to this event.

Instead of making a regular swatch, i decided to knit one of the adorable little baby mittens in the pattern book as a practice. I know, i screwed up the pattern a bunch of times. i didn't care. I zoomed right along, trying to get the rhythm of 2-color knitting. i finished the mitten before realizing i'd forgotten one, wee, little thing:
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oops, no thumb!
i was so concerned with how lumpy, bumpy, and drawn-in the fair isle was turning out that i forgot i was supposed to be making a mitten. oh, well. it was just a test.

doesn't it look like some new species of strange, norwegian squid?


At 1/30/2006 10:00 PM, Blogger Martha said...

Go visit Grumperina today! ( )

She has thumbless mittens...on purpose! The thought is that the baby can't use them anyways.

Of course, this will only work if your mittens are pretty small.

Also, I knit my first fair-isle mitten inside out, which kept the tension very nice. The second one I knitted right side out, and was bunchy.

Good start!


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