Monday, January 09, 2006

learn from my mistakes, please

I am a creature of habit.

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what's this mess? well it happened a few months ago, the first time i did any dyeing in our new house. When we moved, we bought our very own washer & dryer for the basement. I was so excited about having my OWN set, that it didn't occur to me to think about my crafting. I remembered that you can't do felting projects in a front loading washer. (not that we could've afforded one anyway!) But i didn't think about the spin cycle. And that fact that our shiny new washer has a corrugated interior basket. To act like a washboard when washing.... well washboards and wool = BAD!!

Silly me... i went along exactly how i did it in my old place. Dye in the big roasting pot. Throw the wet wool right in the basket of the washer and put it on spin cycle for a few minutes to squeeze out the water. Came back to the basement and found my lovely pound of merino had turned into this horrible, felted, cobwebby mess! *SOB*

classic packrat that i am, i shoved it into a box in the Cra(p)ft room until i could bear to look at it again. Do i throw it out? i thought about maybe ripping it into strips and trying to knit/crochet it that way? I'm open to any ideas. And i'd also be willing to give it to someone else who can think of something fun to do with it. You probably can't do any further felting with it. anyone want to experiment?


At 1/10/2006 3:24 AM, Blogger Ariane said...

Oh how horrible! I'm so sorry that happened! I work at a knitting store, and we had a customer call once asking about the care instructions on a particular alpaca..I told her that it was handwash, and she went on to say that she "did that" and it felted. I didn't know what to say. Well, it turns out that her interpretation of "hand wash" (I don't know how she thought this...) was "machine wash gentle". It was her mistake, but I felt horrible - her project was ruined.

I say, try to cut it into strips! that would make a really funky purse or scarf or something of the sort!

At 1/11/2006 5:47 PM, Blogger kate said...

i'd probably use it to stuff toys/cat toys, although knitting it in strips sounds kinda fun, too.

At 1/19/2006 6:58 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

Oh! it looks fantastic, I know JUST what I'd do with it!

(FYI: once, Lucy at Mind's Eye Yarns in Cambridge gave me some hand-dyed that had felted up something fierce and I left it in a box in my scorching hot attic one summer only to find it had unfelted and become perfectly spinnable).

But, depending on yardage, I think that has some definite shawl/scarf/wrap me if you need ideas, or send it over if you want me to take on the challenge!

:) Shannon,


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