Thursday, January 19, 2006

what have i done?!

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hey, look. i chrocheted myself a supah cute little cloche. Its in need of some bossy blocking. but i'm happy with it.

finishing my hat? sane.
signing up for the Knitting Olympics? totally. batshit. insane.

and yet... i'm still going to do it. i've ordered the yarn for something that will seriously challenge me: St. Moritz. Its been on my list of dream knits for years. So now that i have an excuse AND inspiration, i'm going to try. I could give 100 reasons why i shouldn't be doing this, but i'm going to list only the reasons why i think i can.
1) I have a big-ass midterm on friday feb 10th. i deserve to knit after that, right?
2) half of the arms and body are one color and i should be able to speed through that quickish.
3) i'm a decently speedy knitter. if i don't work on any other crafty projects during that time, i should be able to do it!

as a contract with myself, i promise to finish my Ribby Cardi before i start this. The 2-headed catmonster will eat me if i don't.
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