Monday, July 10, 2006

finished sewing object: batwing shirt

This past weekend was the only weekend in two months that is not completely booked (with a wedding, family travel, craft show or otherwise). So i used it to spend some 'quality time' with my crafting. Also spent a good amount of time putzing around the house getting random stuff done, and cleaning, and relaxing. It was very nice.

One thing that felt great to finally do was puting together the top for this baby quilt. I started this at least 3 years ago when one of my friends announced her pregnancy. Well, as usual I made all the squares but never finished it. That girl is now a walking, talking darling (who doesn't need a baby quilt). However, another very good friend recently announced that she was going to have a girl, so i think its a perfect time to get this puppy off my UFO list. Gina helped me plan the layout and strips because i made all the squares without actually planning how it was going to be finished. The sewing / piecing took me all of 30 minutes. (i can't believe i put it off for so long!) Now its ready for the border, then finishing. yay!

The other thing i finished was a blouse for myself. i bought the pattern and fabric about 2 years ago, but never even cut it out. Again, after encouragement from Gina, I realized how easy it would actually be and finally did it. Its not anywhere near perfect quality, but i am happy with it and like it enough to wear it to school today. (even though its too dressy for the lab. its new clothes! i just had to wear it!) The pattern is Vogue 7827, which was VERY simple. The annoying part is the ton of hemming you have to do, before even assembling the shirt. But it was good to force me do it first, otherwise it probably would've remained another unhemmed UFO.


At 7/12/2006 7:25 PM, Blogger Helen said...

Nice job Dharia! Did you get your hair cut?


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