Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mr Sock goes to Wyoming

This pair of jaywalkers will have traversed about 10 different states before they are done! The first sock was knit from Massachusetts to California, Oregon, and Washington and back (and airport layovers). The second sock was knit on the flights from MA to Salt Lake City and then in the car from there to Rock Springs, Wyoming.

This was my first trip to Utah and Wyoming. Its so beautiful! Everything you've read about it being wide, open and huge is true. The sky really does seem /higher/ than when you are in a city. Its also really in the middle of nowhere. Rock Springs, WY is a small city with a population of 20,000. It made my realize just what a city girl i really am. You can't even believe how excited i was to find a drive through espresso stand!!

We were there to attend the wedding of two of my friends, J & M. The ceremony was in a remote national forest overlooking a breathtaking gorge. wow.

we knit-freaks like to talk about knitting at any chance, but how often does one get to talk about knitting in a wedding toast?!? I was a bridesmaid because i introduced the couple to each other. Since knitting was actually involved in their first meeting, i just HAD to seize the opportunity.

The story: The Bride (J) and i met when i moved to Worcester MA and we became fast friends. I taught her to knit, and we started a weekly SnB with some other friends.
The Groom (M) worked with me in the lab. At some point, i decided they might like each other. They liked the idea and wanted to meet in some sort of informal gathering. We tried to meet up with him for drinks one night, but that didn't work out. A few days later, he stopped by the bookstore where we gathered for weekly knititng. He patiently sat and chatted while the crazy girls all blabbed about our current projects. He flipped through J's book/journal of finished knitting projects and didn't think she was insane. in fact, he thought she was cute and charming. Soon it was beyond "like each other" and progressed to "perfect for each other". and now they are married!

go figure.

<-- the sock lounging on a dinosaur at a rest stop on the way back to the airport. Who knew dino's were that little and cute? teehee.


At 7/19/2006 3:09 PM, Anonymous Carol said...

Using the same yarn on my "Jaywalkers." Don't you just love the colors? But alas, I have long feet so I will not have enough yarn for the 2nd sock. Have ordered another skein but it's on back order. Hope you are having better luck.


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