Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hatching a plan

first, let me share a photo gallery of the work that went into making the afghan that i won. I got teary-eyed looking at it; thinking of all the care, emotion, and wonderful energy that went into it. And now it will be in my home. awwwwwww. I can't believe my luck.

now on to the plan hatching... which i am starting to call "The Triple Cursed Sweater".
A few months ago i showed D the mens sweaters in Noro Knits by Jane Ellison. He indicated that he would like wearing the Fitzgerald or James sweaters. Being the Big Orange that he is, he loved the burnt orange/brick/green color 128 (used in the Ripley sweater.) I can't afford 14 skeins of Kureyon. But i could buy the roving, dye it, spin it, and knit the sweater. Its a plan, its hatching.

I mentioned this idea to my friend Adrienne last night and she gasped "No, you can't! the Curse!" Well, I could be dooming myself here, but i don't believe in that curse*. And if it does exist, will it be worse if i've dyed and spun the yarn myself? ha!

- he will love the sweater. immensely.
- i need some direction in my spinning. if i don't have a plan for the yarn that i'm making it just sits there in the stash and i will never ever use it. I'm always afraid of actually using my spinning for anything. or i don't have enough yarn to do what i want. this would be good for that.
- I'm almost done with Ribby Cardi.

- i need another project like a hole in the head.
- my spinning isn't regular enough to produce a ton of yardage of all the same gauge.
- i haven't even started working on my blue/green aran again
- i have tons of other projects that could use the attention.

*[in the interest of full disclosure: i did make a 'boyfriend sweater' once... and we did disastrously break up two months later. But in all honesty the relationship was crap long before that. we were just 'trying to make things work'. they didn't. I'm more heartbroken the i gave him the sweater without even taking a picture first! and now its probably in a city dump somewhere. hopefully he at least donated it to goodwill. and me with no record of my work. that's the Real Curse. If anyone found a bulky
mistake stitch rib sweater in light gray Banff yarn at goodwill, let me know!]

I forgot to take pictures at SnB last night, but everyone's Ribby Cardis are coming along swimmingly.
In the side bar i've posted a picture of my best spinning yet!


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