Tuesday, May 31, 2005

such a dweeb

I went to a fiber festival 3 days before june... and bought mittens.
yes, mittens. i'm a total dweeb.

I totally blew my fair-budget on them too. But they are the most awesomely gorgeous mittens i've ever seen and i HAD to have them. They were wet and needle felted by Leslie Samson, who is teaching felting workshops at Bay Colony Farm. The colors are purple/blue/green/yellow and totally match my glasses which are purple outside, blue middle, greenish inside! i am now completely obsessed with wet felting. MUST learn to make awesome mittens - stat. Helen said she may come back to teach a mitten/hat class sometime this fall or winter. YAY!
I was so in love with my mittens that I turned on the a/c in the car so that i could WEAR my mittens home. GIANT dweeb.

I also bought 1 lb each of Orange and Golden yellow dyed fleece from Winterberry Farm. It was grown by a merino x sheep named Mabel and will become a sweater for Big Orange. (i guess that's pretty obvious). Saturday night, in front of the TV, Mia helped me hand card the colors into rolags and i spun up an entire bobbin. I'm going to dye up some other fleece in reds and browns and card them all up in different ratios to get a noro-ey look. (hopefully). a drum carder would make this loads easier. just what i need to lust after... another expensive gadget. *le sigh*.

As we stashed the orange fleece in the trunk of the car and head back to the vendors for more oogling, i spotted a gaggle of people that i recognized as Knit Bloggers. "psst... Darius... that's Claudia!" i whispered. "should i go talk to her? she doesn't know me." i'm such a BIG HUGE DWEEB. She was nice, didn't point and laugh at me, and introduced me to Rosemary and their other friends (names forgotten. eep!)

I took tons of pictures of sheeps and the sheepdog trials, but on real ACTUAL 35 mm film instead of digital. I finished my springy shawllette/capelet in time to wear to cummington... so of course the weather cleared up! No need for a wool cover up that day. TADA! here it is:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
egads the fashion police need to come over and throw out ALL my pale pink shirts! i'm so pale - they make me look dead. or naked. or both!


At 5/31/2005 7:11 PM, Blogger Dani said...

I wish I spotted you! I missed everyone there, though I have to say, my focus was definitely on all the gorgeous things... Wasn't that place fun?! Glad you bought some of those mittens... Someone HAD to, they were too beautiful!

At 5/31/2005 9:48 PM, Blogger inertiacreeps said...

eee. i love your hair!

At 6/04/2005 6:59 AM, Blogger Helen said...

Leslie is delighted that you like those mittens so much. :) They are among her favorites too.

We are off to felting class this morning, but she was trying to figure out her schedule last night so that we can set up another mitten and hat class in the fall. Stay tuned! :)


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