Wednesday, May 11, 2005

good Whoa and bad Whoa

i haven't read anyone's blogs in almost a week. i just couldn't handle all the talk of MDS$W. so in my usual state of denial, i just stopped reading all together. Now i'm finally getting around to catching up on all the fun that everyone had. and the shopping! *drool* Trista, Kat and I went to Rhinebeck last fall and had a blast. I wasn't a 'real' spinner yet then so i didn't buy any fleece, but i definitely will next time around. And by 'next time' i mean THIS SUNDAY when i head up to the New Hampshire S&W fest! yay! i know its not as big as MD or rhinebeck, but i know i'm going to have a good time anyway. (And hopefully get out of there without spending the rent and grocery money!)

Good Whoa:
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The Yarn Harlot was wonderful! She had me laughing so hard at one point that i really thought i was going to fall out of my seat. Ask her about the places she hides her stash. i dare you. I hope that i didn't insult her when i told her that Big-Orange likened her bookbookbook to "topical humor - like Red-Neck Jokes". (don't worry, he later recanted).
I will also say that despite claims of terror with talking in public, she seemed so calm and collected... and natural. it was great. It is always strange to hear an author read their writing. It changes the whole experience for me because as i read i can hear their voice in my head instead of my own. From now on i will read stephanies blog in her voice, with her tone and mannerisms, and pronounce things the canadian way. (beyond just 'eh?', and 'aboot'... i will now hear it as 'PROE-ject' and the knitting 'PROE-cess')

I wasn't able to go out for drinks with all the cool people afterwards, because i wasn't feeling well and needed to get home to worcester at a reasonable time. i briefly got to chat with Mamacate, and many other super-cool people (whose names i've already forgotten)! I also ate some honkin' slices of antonio's pizza. my addiction is (temporarily) sated.

Bad Whoa:
When i was younger i was the only one in my family that had no problems at all with carsickness. I always read or crafted during car trips while my brother would be green and puking at the mere sight of a book in the car. Lately, whenever i knit in the car i start to feel gross. when i stop knitting it'll go away. Its been going on for a while now and I've been stubbornly avoiding the conclusion that i know get car sick. I want to think its something i ate at a rest stop, but its not. i'm just chalking it up to one of those "oh, a lot of women develop that in their mid-20's" things - like my sudden hay fever and IBS. I am soooo depressed about this development. I only hope that it won't happen on the subway or bus because i was looking forward to some quality knitting time during my commute when i move to boston and start going to grad school in the fall!


At 5/11/2005 7:52 PM, Blogger Dani said...

Whoa whoa whoa! Lots of information there... Okay, grad school in the fall in BOSTON! I didn't know about that! So CONGRATULATIONS! Just FYI I have IBS too.. yuck, so I feel your pain.

Anyhow, glad you made it last night. I was trying so hard to go and didn't get home until 6ish... and then had at least an hour and a half drive. I couldn't go tonight either since I had to pick some people up at the airport. Hmm... this festival in NH sounds rather taunting... I might just have to go check that out.. I'm looking up info right after I get done with this post! Hope all is well..

At 5/11/2005 7:55 PM, Anonymous Ingrid said...

I have always gotten car sick. Never been able to read in the car but I can knit on highways (I feel a little queasy in the bus, but it's only 15mins and I need to knit so I put up with it). Congrads on grad school.

At 5/11/2005 11:51 PM, Anonymous mamacate said...

I'm sorry we didn't get to spend more time and I hope you were feeling better fast. Maybe we can chat at NH. I'm a little freaked to be going by *myself*--the kids persist in their preference for nana over sheep. Amazing. Anyway, we did miss you last night!

I get carsick sometimes myself. I find that the problem is starting and stopping--traffic situations. On a highway or a train, it's fine, though busses are dreadful. Best wishes for grad school (and commute knitting--I miss public transport!).

At 5/12/2005 5:42 AM, Anonymous Sarah said...

HI Dharia!
Welcome to the world of wasted time in the car!! I have NEVER been able to even look at a map in the car, let alone beading or knitting! I have been OK on trains, though - subway should be OK!!
See you on saturday!
PS - I love the beaded yarn you made - why do you think it is only for babies???? COOL!


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