Monday, April 25, 2005

Life Lessons Learned Too Late

the lesson: Dogs like the smell of sheep just as much as my cats.

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This is a reenactment of the scene of crime in Lynn, MA on Sunday April 24th, 2004 at approximately 11 am.

lets start from the beginning.
Last week, i ordered 1 lb of roving that was grown by a sheep named Sydney at Skylines Farm. By thursday i was in posession of this:
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I couldn't resist. By friday night i had spun and plied a few bobbins worth, and by saturday morning i had one washed and set skein of my new yarn, destined to be a lace shawl.
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Saturday afternoon i balled it up and cast on for the Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl. Saturday night i went to my friend Irene's house for a "girls night in" of movies and wine (and knitting). Irene has a 6 month old malamute puppy named Theia. It never occured to me that Theia might take an interest in my natural sheepy yarn. She's a pulling dog, not a herding dog, right? wrong.

Sunday morning, irene and i were looking at things on her computer and she said "hrm, Theia's being a little too quiet, maybe i should check on her". Just then, we looked up to see her trotting by the office door with something brown in her mouth. Something brown and knitted... and trailing yarn! In the living room we found bits of yarn, my needles, and stitch markers all over the floor (luckily she didn't hurt herself or swallow a stitch marker!). Apparently, she had decided to reach her muzzle INTO my knititng bag, pull out the skein and shred it. Theia then pulled the 6" of shawl that i had knit off the needles and was NOT about to give it up. "Bad Dog! No Theia, Drop IT!" was met with "GRRRRRRRRRRR". If only i'd had my digital camera with me! I could've snapped a picture of Irene, sitting on top of Theia, holding her muzzle, and trying to get her to release the shawl from clenched jaws. (a 6 month old malamute is still a fairly big dog!) Irene was so apologetic, but i don't mind. I've learned my lesson.


At 4/26/2005 10:55 AM, Blogger Dani said...

Aww. I am so sorry! I feel your pain. I had started the airy scarf out of quick knits wth rowan kidsilk haze and left it on the dining room table last night. This morning I woke up to the drop of needles and found my two kittens all wrapped up in the kidsilk. They had wrapped the skein around and around the legs of the table. I am not as upset by loosing the ten inches of the scarf I had done, but the yarn is in ruins! It was 14 bucks for the skein!

So, right there with ya!

Oh, and I think I am going to be at circles on Friday for the yarn harlot book signing... Do you have any clue what time she is coming at?!

At 5/05/2005 11:09 AM, Anonymous Lee Anne said...

Oh my...There are just some things you never think your pet would ever be interested in. Tough thing to find out the hard way! We are getting close to getting a puppy and I know I am going to have to start picking up my knitting that I normally leave sitting on the floor near whatever chair I happen to be knitting in...not an easy habit to break. :)


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