Monday, September 11, 2006

the sweet rewards of procrastination

... yes procrastination is sometimes rewarding. especially if it is someone else who is avoiding their work. and they make you gifts instead!

Every time i knit socks, i manage to create a giant tangled up puke-ball of yarn in my purse. I put the skeins in little plastic baggies to try to keep them organized. No luck. Somehow, the center of the ball barfs itself out into my purse, gets tangled up with my keys and cell phone, and turns into a hopeless mess.

On more than one occassion, K8 has been kind enough to patiently un-knot this pitiful mess and make a new ball for me. She's got a really nifty little fabric pouch that someone sewed that keeps her small projects neatly and safely separated. I am tres jealous of her sock pouch, have inspected it several times, and often declare that i'm going to sew one for myself.

I fully intended to make one this weekend. Before my lovely STR ball barfed itself into a mess in my purse. But as usual, i had too much going on. (and in the spirit of full disclosure, i my craft room is a disaster zone. i would have to excavate a path to the sewing machine, and i just don't have that kind of free time.) Things i did do this weekend: finish my first falling leaves sock. I dyed a whole whack of sock yarn! I went to yoga, went to a picnic, and attended a funeral. Not done: house cleaning. cooking. laundry. craft room cleaning.

First thing this morning, i got a visit in the lab from Mrs. Zeebi. (she has a new knitting blog. Go say 'hi'. then tell her to stop knitting and work on her thesis! Then she can be Dr. Zeebi!) She had a secret present for me...

A sock pouch!! With bowling vintage girls on it! its so awesome, i can hardly stand it. Her procrastination = my gain. rock on!

I started laughing maniacally as i pulled my purse out of my drawer and showed her the current state of my sock:

(note that in my attempts to fix the problem, i somehow managed to get the yarn inextricably knotted AROUND the handle of the purse!!)

Lucky for me, Mrs. Z loves untangling knots. She says it calms her. We managed to get my second Falling Leaves sock disentangled from its pukey mess and into its now bowling ladies sock pouch. sweet.


At 9/12/2006 2:04 PM, Blogger zeebi said...

I just want to say that that is one really bad picture of me.
I think. Good God, SC, is that what I look like?


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