Friday, October 27, 2006

Fiber Twist this weekend

can you believe that I still haven't knit anything! my fingers are getting itchy. soon, i think. I've been spinning a little here and there. I do, however, have two exciting fiber things on the horizon:

First: I'm going to go to the Franklin County Fiber Twist tomorrow. Its a really fun small fiber fest combined with an open farm/studio tour. It was great last year. Even though the weather report isn't looking great for farm visits tomorrow, there is still the indoor marketplace with vendors. I did not go to Rhinebeck this year. (Even though i am glad i didn't go, i'm still ignoring the blogs of everyone who did!) If you're like me and find Rhinebeck/MDS&W to be insanely overwhelming, this event is a really nice change. Just enough stuff to see in one day without ridiculous sensory overload, and its very easy to run into and visit with fiber friends and bloggers.

Second: I got a call from David at The Merlin Tree. My Hyacinthe wheel is finished!!! I will get it soon, and possibly this weekend. I am so very, VERY excited. I just have to figure out how to get it home, because it probably won't fit in the back seat of my little 'ol Corolla. eep!


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