Friday, November 17, 2006

they're listening?

Its so cute when our spouses/partners/children figure out how to relate to the knitter in their life by comparing something to knitting. Like when the video game playing child realizes that "let me get to the end of the row" is analagous to "let me get to a save point". Recently big Orange used knitting analogies twice to try to help me understand him.

1) He was really excited about trying out a new computer program/language/thing. He brought me into his office and boasted "look at this cool visualization that i made with that data! its so cool, because blah, blah, blah." (obviously, programming for 'fun' didn't really register with me...)
"Why would you want to do that? you already had that information using the other program."
"Yeah, but that's not the point. its just cool to try it out using a new program. Its like swatching a new yarn."


2) We were discussing violent video games. (he works in the video game industry. even though i don't play them, we end up in these kinds of dicussions often.) He said that he doesn't like playing them, but i pointed out that he does own a few notoriously violent video games.
"what about Half Life 2? you bought that."
"yeah, i had to. Everyone was talking about it and i had to see what it was all about. Like when you knit Jaywalkers. You wanted to know why they were so popular. same idea."

[double awwwwwwww!!!]


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