Tuesday, November 07, 2006

creative kick start

We went to the Waltham Mills Open Studios this past weekend. This was the second year i've gone to this event. It features two huge factory buildings FULL of studios. Some of the bigger studios have built in lofts for living space, which is extra cool. Most of the artists are the same from year to year and it was very interesting to see what they've been working on this year; some went in a totally new direction, some just a little bit of a change. Definitely worth checking out next year if you're local.

The best part for me was seeing how people use and organize their space. It inspired me to run home and clean up my own (crap) craft room again. Yes, i know i've whined about this never ending cycle before. I clean it, i start using the space, i spread out and leave projects all over the house. Then we clean the house and everything that's mine gets shoved into the pit for me to deal with later. Yes, my mother did try to teach me to put away my toys after using them but for some damn reason it just never stuck. I'm just like a child who must take every toy out of the toybox and then move onto a totally new game. i'm weak.

After returning from the mills, i excavated a path to the sewing table and started working on Wedding Quilt #2 again. I've got 9 complete blocks and enough partial pieces for another 9 blocks. I can't remember how many i was plannig to make for this quilt... i think 56. In my mind, I see the pattern going all the way to the edge, with no border. Of course, I'm likely to give up and put a border on it. That's how quilts get made in distraction-ville.

Wait, i've got 10 blocks done. I gave one to the couple on their 1st wedding anniversary. As a promise that they would someday get this quilt. Other things going on quilt-wise:
- I still haven't put a binding on the pink baby quilt. baby was born two months ago. i have ONE STEP LEFT! geez!
- Wedding Quilt #1: piecing is about half done (wedding is this january - long engagement).
- Wedding Quilt #3: completely planned, fabric purchased. Won't let myself start cutting until one of these other wedding quilts is done.


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