Tuesday, February 20, 2007

insta-hat for this insta-winter

The extremely late onset of sudden winter made me realize that i don't have a good hat! I am constantly losing my winter hats, so they are usually cheap purchased ones or very simple hand knit ones. This is no different. I had a skein of very soft coopworth yarn that i spun a few years ago in my stash. It is natural colored and navajo plied. (squishy! yay!)

My crochet skills are completely abysmal. It even took me a few attempts to actually get the hat right, but oh well. i think my head looks ridiculous in this shape of hat, but Big O says its cute. The hat is thick, warm, and definitely gets the job done. That's all the matters.

In news for Knitting Scientists:
Go listen to the most recent podcast at Its a Purl, Man. This week Guido interviews fellow boston area knitting scientist: Kathy, aka Grumperina.


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