Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Block & Roll

the fronts of Starsky are finished and drying on the blocking pad.

the sleeves were finished in june 2006 (but not blocked yet).

the back is 3/4 done and won't take much longer, because i decided to scrap the "banana leaf" pattern on the back and knit it plain. i'm bored with this sweater and I really didn't like knitting that stitch pattern. I'm feeling needy and want instant(er) gratification. I decided that I would rather have a plain back on a finished sweater than have it languish in the UFO pile for another 6 months.

This yarn (debbie bliss merino aran) seemed a little rough and stiff while I was working with it. I was hoping that blocking would soften it up, and #(*%&% it did! The blocked pieces aren't even dry yet, but they feel completely different than the unblocked pieces. i'm very pleased. one of these years i'll learn to wash swatches before starting a project. probably not gonna be 2007. maybe next year.

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