Thursday, December 21, 2006

purple & pirates

pirates in progress

nothing soothes the "overwhelmies" in me like slaying a 2 year old UFO.
ok, its not entirely slain. But i spent FOUR HOURS of tv-time last night sewing in the #$*%&%$@ ends and doing up seams. Now I have one more seam and the neck still to knit. How is it that sewing in ends takes longer than the actual knitting? well, almost.

The original intended recipient of this sweater is now 3 years old. The second intended recipient is 2. Both of them have far outgrown this sweater. I'm really going to finish it now, and give it to Ms Zeebi's upcoming arrival. (i already told her, so i don't have to keep it a secret. *whew*)

In other news, i'm back in a "Purple Phase" again. I wear purple eyeglasses every day, but at the moment i've also got purple on the needles:
purple on the needles
on the ears:
purple on the ears
on the tree:
purple on the tree
on the bobbin:
purple on the wheel



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