Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mysteries of the Yarniverse

here's a real brain-scratcher for y'all.

I had a stripey sweater that i made from noro Kureyon a number of years ago. It was gi-normous on me. (my own fault. i tried to size up the chest measurements and did the math wrong.) i wore it anyway, because i made it. I tried re-blocking it. i tried gently felting it. nothing worked. After 2+ years of wearing and hating that it was so large and mis-shapen, i decided to unravel it and make something else out of the yarn.
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Try #2 would be Rosedale United with the yarn. I cast on for that sweater in may (of... um.... 2004 i think). Needless to say, it drifted to the bottom of my UFO pile. until a few weeks ago when i needed some really fast and easy car trip knitting. (It's such a simple pattern? why didn't i finish this ages ago?! who knows.)

Well i'm cruising along. i knit the body. i knit one sleeve. I'm getting excited about actually finishing a sweater. I knit the second sleeve.... and RUN OUT OF YARN!

I am utterly baffled. I started out with a turtleneck sweater with (easily) 6 inches too much ease. I re-knit something the right size, and i don't have NEARLY enough yarn?! maybe i misplaced some of the unraveled yarn? I've searched every corner of my stash and can't find any more of the yarn... AAARRRGGHH!! This sweater has corrugated ribbing, but i really don't think that could've used up an entire yokes-worth of yarn.

Luckily, color #52 is no longer discontinued (re-instated?) from noro. I gave in and ordered a few more skeins. Of course, once i finish the sweater with the new skeins, the missing yarn will magically reappear. And it will be somewhere that it should've been all along. probably right in front of my nose.


At 10/25/2005 2:40 PM, Blogger Trista said...


The reborn Rosedale looks gorgeous. I'm really sorry (and mystified) about the yarn. Good luck!

Hope grad school isn't being too evil! Let me know if you want to swap evil stories sometime. (and at the rate we're probably both going, we could meet for coffee sometime in late November. ;)

At 10/27/2005 10:07 AM, Blogger Rosemary said...

Ummm. Are you knitting Rosedale at a firmer gauge than the original sweater. That will use more yarn per square inch of knitting.

If you're free some Sunday morning, come join me and a rotating handful of other area spinning knitting bloggers at the Cafe on the Common in Waltham Center.


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