Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Adventures in ShowBiz

Sarah (3 Cat Nite), Dayna (Crafty Scientist) and I are going to california in a few weeks to be on a tv craft show! Its a new show on the DIY network called Uncommon Threads. They just started airing season 1, but we are filming two eipsodes for season 2. Our episodes won't actually air for quite some time.

In the process leading up to this, we have learned all about the behind-the-scenes workings (secrets?) of television filming. You know when you are watching a show and they say "now sew the seam and it will look like this..." and they magically have it already done to the next step? Those are called "step-outs". We make those ahead of time and bring them to the studio with us. The finished piece that they show is called "the Hero". There are all kinds of little things we are learning that you wouldn't think about just watching crafts on tv. Its pretty fascinating (and a little daunting/stressful too).

I was on a tv show before when i was very, very young. I was on a week's worth of Romper Room, filmed in San Francisco in the early 1980's. It was actually 5 episodes (5 different outfits) filmed all in one day. I remember my grandmother (an amazing seamstress) made me 5 new dresses just for that. I also remember crying when i found out that the Magic Mirror was nothing more than an empty frame and trick photography. (yes, I was always what they call "a sensitive child".) Hopefully i have grown up enough not to cry on set this time. ha!


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