Monday, July 31, 2006

stuck in a color groove

after finishing those jaywalker socks i wanted to quickly cast on another sock to keep in my purse. I've realized that i can knit socks in record time if i have one with me at all times. If i have free time at lunch with no one to talk to - work on the sock. waiting at the doc, gas station, grocery store - knit. (yeah, yeah, i know i am not the first person in the world to think of this. but i'm still excited about it.) Also, i learned that i can knit in the movie theater! I have knit in fron the the tv for years, but have always been in utter awe of people who knit at the movies, but didn't think i could do it. So i tried it out on friday while we watched Clerks II, and i fnished the whole ankle of the sock. it was just stockinette so i was able to knit completely by feel. i am stupidly excited about this.

So yeah, went to the stash of sock yarns. Its not an overly huge stash, but its adequate. just about every color you can think of. For some reason, i grabbed 2 skeins of my handpainted blue/green superwash. That means that everything i've knit in the past year has been either blue or orange. a quick refresher: blue olympic sweater (unfinished), blue/green aran (unfinished), B. Orange sweater, blue Starsky (in progress), red/orange jaywalkers, just to name a few. I've got no problems dyeing other exciting colors, but when it comes to knitting for myself i seem to be stuck.

Ooooh, but i conned Woolarina Kate out of the loveliest purple/gray/black handspun this weekend. I am itching to make something awesome from that. I do love purple. I wear purple all the time. (my eyeglasses are purple!) I frequently buy purple yarn, but it always seems 'too pretty' to knit with and sits in my stash forever-and-ever. i will try to work on this!


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