Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hello World

proof of my crafty existance:

I excavated a path to my sewing machine and started working on my quilts again. yeehaw. This Monkey Wrench (aka Friendly Hand or Milky Way) quilt top is finally coming together. and looking AWESOME if i do say so myself. I'm so easily impressed. haha.

I get terribly bored cutting hundreds of half-square triangles and i have a tendency to stuff quilts that i'm bored with in the closet for years at a time (ahem, pink baby quilt). I've developed a new strategy of working on two quilts simultaneously. My friend G says its strange, but i doubt i'm the only one to do this. Since they are each at different stages of the process if i get bored piecing individual squares, i can switch to sewing strips of squares that are already done on the Provencal quilt. This has allowed me to make tons of progress on both quilt tops without getting bored and doing something else entirely. I really want to finish these. The "Pirates of Provence" quilt was started over 4 years ago, and the Blue/Green one is a married present that is >2 yrs late. I'm almost done with both tops now!! yaay!

And no, i don't switch the thread color between quilts. There are more than a few people out there who will be horrified that i'm not using a matching thread for each quilt. Maybe i'm lazy, or maybe i'm just not fussy. i don't care. Since this is not hand sewn and not a decorative top stitch, these threads should never be seen, right? Why do they need to match the fabric??



At 9/29/2007 7:41 AM, Blogger zeebi said...

i don't think it's silly to make two tops at once. same as reading more than one book at a time, really, except easier, because quilts are color-coded.


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