Saturday, July 30, 2005

still "alive"

yes, i do still exist.

first there was packing. then moving. then a little bit of unpacking. Somewhere along the way i managed to severely wrench/sprain my lower back. Now we know where the nearest urgent care clinic is in our neighborhood. and the 24 hour pharmacy. and all the good take-out. the living room has been turned into an invalid ward for me. I've got wireless computer, cable tv, pizza, telephone, books, even some knitting. although i can't mange much of that because it requires sitting. and enough consciousness to follow a pattern. knitting and percocet are not a great match.

right now i'm missing a wedding that i was really looking forward to attending. the real question comes in a few days. On tuesday we are flying to the west coast to start a two week roadtrip from L.A. to seattle. it was supposed to be my last big, fun trip before starting grad school. i really hope i can still do it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

real, actual knitting!

hey look, i still know how to knit. two-color even! I was too lazy to wind off little bobbins for intarsia, so i'm doing the whole pattern stranded. Its been quite a while since i did any stranded 2 color knitting, so its coming out pretty puckery. I think it will flatten out in the blocking. (i hope!) Pirate Sweater is on the home stretch!
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As you can see, the Lumps and I are having a super lazy morning... I am trying to relax until at least noon before worrying about all the things i should be doing. so far so good!

Sunday, July 10, 2005

happy girl


my "vacation" has been so stressful so far that i haven't been able to do any major crafting. i haven't knit a single stitch in over a week. I haven't read any blogs. I've did accomplish a little bit of spinning. Those rovings hanging in the window in my last post? they became these:
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but why am i such a happy girl? we just signed the lease on our new apartment in Waltham, MA. after looking at tons and tons of places, we finally went with a very nice 3 bedroom. There are only two of us, we don't really need a three bedroom... first we thought of giving the cats their own bedrooms. Instead i think Big Orange and i will each get our own hobby rooms. He'll get one office for computers and music equipment, and i'll get a WHOLE ROOM for fibers and crafts!!!! how sweet is that? AND there's already a workbench/shop in the basement where i can make stained glass. i know, i'll be spoiled. i probably won't have time for any of it as a grad student, but i'm still excited!